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Bike Tracks NSW

Biking in the Inner West

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Cycling in the Inner West can be a challenge without a general guide to the area, so use this website as a helpful way around Sydney's greatest places to cycle around the bay. Our tracks plan to include from Homebush to The Rocks, plus any others around Sydney we can find. Have track suggestions? Email them to or click the 'get in touch' button below.

Women Road Biking
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What Track is for Me?

How to find a track for you

Different tracks have different requirements for your bike, for example, if you have a road bike, you should avoid tracks with a higher off-road rating, and if you struggle going up hills, you should avoid tracks with a higher hills rating. The ratings are out of ten.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Off-road Rating

The off-road rating rates the track based on the rockiness and the pavement (or lack of) that you can ride on. Tracks with easy more rideable pavement will score higher.

Scenic Mountain Biking


The slopes rating rates how hilly the track is. Tracks that are more flat will score higher and tracks with lots of hills will score lower.

Image by Jonny Kennaugh

Curves and Bends

The curves and bend rating rates how curvy the track is, and how sharp corners are. The straighter a path is, the higher rating it will score.

Mountain Biking in the Fog


The surroundings rating rates the surroundings of the area, the views, and the stopover points. If a track has nice views and lots of bubblers, it will rate higher.

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