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Iron Cove Bay Run

Lilyfield, Dobroyd Point, Rodd Point, Russell Lea, Drummoyne, Rozelle

20-40 mins​

Good Views

The Iron Cove Bay Run is a bike track circling the Iron Cove, going over the Iron Cove Bridge, and going through 6 different suburbs. The Iron Cove has many bubblers on its track, and plenty of places to stop by the side for a rest. The track also has many food stops, such as Birkenhead Point and Le Montage.

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Smooth Ride

The Iron Cove Bay Run is mostly pavement, with a smooth ride majority of the way. The only rocky part of the ride is on the red pavement, right before the first hill, where the road is quite rocky and broken. The roads and paths are quite winding around some places, but mostly are straight. Road use is not needed on any of the track, but is there on some of the track.

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The route of the Iron Cove Bay Run follows the coast around Lilyfield, Rozelle, Drummoyne, Russell Lea, Rodd Point, Dobroyd Point, Lilyfield. Find the route on Google Maps here, then change the route to cycling.

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Is this track good for me?

Off-road Rating


The Iron Cove Bay Run has a small amount of damaged road, and has pavement the whole way. This is why it rates so high.

Slopes Rating


The Iron Cove Bay Run has 2 large hills, but the ride is overall a fairly easy track, and should be an easy ride for all ages.

Curves and Bends Rating


The Iron Cove Bay Run has a mostly straight path the whole way, but has some bends. Most of the corners are not sharp corners though, thus a high rating.



The Iron Cove Bay Run has many bubblers and stops throughout, and the views of the city are quite pleasant. There are lots of trees and quiet neighbourhoods it goes through.

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