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Pyrmont, Glebe, Annandale, Rozelle

20-40 mins​

Lovely Spots

The ANZAC Bay Run has great views. Unfortunately, the ANZAC Bay Run does not have many bubblers, but there are several shops around such as the Sydney Fish Markets, and Blackwattle Bay has stunning views of the ANZAC Bridge of the city. The ANZAC Bridge also has clear views of the Harbour Bridge and the CBD.

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Smooth Ride

The ANZAC Bay Run is pavement the whole, with a smooth ride majority of the way. The paths are quite bendy around a lot of the areas, Road use is not needed on any of the track, but you can use road on some of the track.

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The route of the ANZAC Bay Run follows the coast around Glebe, Rozelle, Annandale, and Pyrmont. Find the route on Google Maps here, then change the route to cycling.

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Is this track good for me?

Off-road Rating


The ANZAC Bay Run has good quality roads the whole way around, with good quality pavement and little cracks.

Slopes Rating


The ANZAC Bay Run is mostly flat, but at the ANZAC Bridge it is a large hill up to the top. Apart from that, there is mostly flat land and an easy going path.

Curves and Bends Rating


The ANZAC Bay Run has quite a bit of curves, around the ANZAC Bridge, and around Jubilee park, however, the corners are mostly curvy and not sharp.



The ANZAC Bay Run has not many bubblers, but has many good food places such as Messina and many other shops at Tramsheds. The views from the Anzac Bridge are also lovely.

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